Mamatha Koneru (1972 – 2016) was born in India and lived in the United States, she fought a courage battle against aggressive pancreatic cancer. Throughout her life, Mamatha touched so many lives with her gentle spirit of love, friendship and care. She remained as a symbol of friendship, positive energy and wished happy, productive and healthy life for to all. Mamatha Koneru Foundation (MK Foundation) was established to fulfil the vision to empower communities to face challenges the modern society is facing.

Children and Youth are going to shape the structure of our future community, so we chose our mission to empower rural education to develop the new generation face realities of life with leadership and problem-solving skills. Our projects include strengthening local communities with resources for quality life and strengthening public school systems to deliver quality primary and secondary education. We collaborate with schools, universities, local governments, the public and private sectors in addressing critical global issues.


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